Saving Evan Procko

  Evan's Story



Our hearts are breaking...

Since March 23rd 2008, every day, every second of the day is permeated by the reality that Evan has a fatal disease for which there is currently no cure. The overwhelming sorrow of looking into his happy blue eyes and knowing the future that currently awaits him is beyond words...beyond comprehension.

How can we imagine the horror that awaits our 5 year old as he rough and tumble plays boxing with his big brother when he seems almost normal in his abilities. We watch him do insignificant things like raise his hand to look at his fingers and think to ourselves, "even that will be taken away from him?," and we want to savor the moment no matter how insignificant.

We are able to emerge from our tears because we have educated HOPE. This has driven us to take action. Hope has made us strong in our resolve to change Evan's future. We are not afraid that a cure wont be found. We are afraid that it will be delayed due to lack of funding. Delayed just long enough to prevent Evan from benefit.

Scientists are close to finding therapies that could dramatically slow down or even completely stop the progression of Duchenne, and give Evan a fairly normal lifespan, just as insulin has done for Type 1 Diabetes patients. Human trails of some therapies have already met with success. The cure is within our grasp. However, we understand that Duchenne research is extremely underfunded and time is not on our side.





Funding from your donations will speed research, and get help to our Evan and thousands like him, before it is too late. Cure Duchenne is founded by parents just like us. They are sending donations directly to researchers. Please help us raise money so that our son and the 20,000 little boys born each year with this devastating condition will never realize the horror that awaits them.


No parent should know when or how their child will die. We will not stare into his blue eyes and accept this as his future. From this point forward, every second of every day will be committed to stopping this monster from taking his body.


Please donate.  Click here for our Duchenne Research Donation Fundraising Page. There is no other way we can fight this monster. EVERY dollar counts and is sincerely appreciated. Please, do not feel that what you could afford to donate would not make a difference. A ten dollar donation can be as big as a million if 100,000 people feel the same way. Donating through this site is secure and tax deductable. You will recieve a letter from Cure Duchenne to use as your tax document.


PLEASE forward our website it to as many people as you feel might want to help our son. And, please go to CureDuchenne’s website(, and read all you can about DMD and the progress that is being made so that you can tell others. We are counting on you.

Please take a moment to watch the "Inside The Vault" Episode starring Bill Procko.


Bill and Kimberly Procko
P. O. Box 996
Branford, Fl 32008

e-mail:  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Checks made out to Cure Duchenne will recieve a tax deductable letter.


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