Dear members of this list, (and those we may have left out),

Thank you. You are the ones who "Get it". You really understand us and what we are going through as parents, and as a family. We will save this list forever. One day Evan will read the names of those who helped give him his life back...The beautiful people who stepped out of their lives and difficult economic times, to help save his. You will forever be a part of our family, our life, and our future.

We love you all.
Bill, Kim, Billy and Evan Procko

Debra Miller, Founder of CureDuchenne
Your guidance, and endless work will save our boys. Action is Therapy.

Branford Elementary School
Thank's for donating proceeds from your end of the year "Popsicle Fundraiser", to Cure Duchenne.

Three Rivers Medical Clinic
Thank you for sponsoring our Miami climb!

Todd and Kristy Webb
Thanks for helping Evan!!  Love you!

 Family Career & Community Leaders of America
Sincere thanks to Club Sponsor and Branford High School Teacher Julie Dees, Branford High students Kyli Holtzclaw and Natalie Dempsey (and the rest of FCCLA students), for your Culinary fundraisers, (Christmas & Valentine's Dinner, along with a Pancake Breakfast), all in behalf of Evan's Medical Fund.

Branford High School Dancers
Thank you for your fundraiser for Evan's future medical costs!!

Salon Mirage, Westchase, Tampa, FL
Thank you to Kim Hayes and the staff of Tampa's Salon Mirage and Tijuana Flats Restaurant. Your fundraiser to help with Evan's future medical costs was of great assistance.     

Branford Love N Care
Thanks to the staff and children of Love n Care (day care and pre K center) for your generous donation to Evan's medical fund at Capital City Bank. Thanks as well, to the parents who supported this fundraiser.  We are confident that with all of your support, our Evan will have the chance to grow up with your kids.

Suwannee Web Design
Special thanks to Jason, for donating hours upon hours of his personal time to construct this website, always refusing compensation. Your work has paid off exponentially in awareness and fundraising for our cause. You are a critical piece of this lifesaving puzzle. Thanks Jason!!!

Rick and Lelia Ginder
Thank you for your $25,000 dollar corporate sponsorship of the 2009 Climb to Cure Duchenne.

The "Climb to Cure Duchenne" climbers:
Dr. Barry Byrne, Thomas Seoh, Thomas St. Claire, Christian and Zach Shauf, Dave Schultz, Paul Miller, Debra Miller, Mindy Cameron-Huber, Michael Tucker, Sean Marshall

Diane Lance
You were the one we confided in when first suspecting (over a year before Evan's diagnosis). I will never forget your reaction when you first saw and felt his calves that day at the gym. You calmly told me to have him checked out. I knew you were pretty certain...I could tell. You had plenty of experience. But you were right about something else too...Not knowing is worse than knowing. As a retired Shriner's Hospital nurse, your advice has been invaluable. When Evan was scheduled to have his tonsils removed, your advice to alert the surgeons that we suspected DMD and were awaiting test results, may well have saved his life from the effects of normal anesthesia. We now know that Duchenne boys must have a special type of anesthesia during surgery to avoid serious respiratory complications or even death.
You continue to be a calming comfort to our family, most recently in fact, donating your frequent flyer miles to us, so that we can attend the Cure Duchenne fundraiser/auction in L.A. Thank you Diane.

John Kendron
Thank you for adding our Evan's cause to your already busy life and schedule.

Steve, Tara and Eddie of Suwannee County Fire Rescue
Thank you in advance for your current organization of two seperate fundraisers for Evan and the climb: A Boot Drive will be conducted by SCFR in Live Oak, possibly at the Wal Mart. Also, an upcoming Lions Club benefit scheduled by Tara in High Springs, is slated for late July.

Karst Productions
Thank you Wes Skiles and Ross Edwards, for your technical assistance in projecting the film, "Darius Goes West", onto the big screen at the Priest Theater.

"Cure Duchenne Suwannee Skateboard Ramp and Camp Jam" donators:
Many thanks to the following for making our event a success, and coming to our rescue: The Gathering Restaurant, Nell's Restaurant, Sister's Cafe, Cuzin's Cafe, Hometown Meat Market, Howard's Septic (port-o-lets), Skatepark of Tampa, Kona Skatepark,(Jacksonville), Sector Nine Skateboards, Black Label Skateboards, Create a Skate Skateboards, 688 Skatepark, Guilt By Association (GBA) skateboards, Freeride Surf and Skate shop.

Branford Rotary Club
Thank you John Laquey, Dr. Nancy Cooper, and the entire Branford Rotary Club, for your donation of a "BOB All Terrain Stroller" for Evan. It has helped a great deal when his muscles get tired and he can't keep walking.

Lindsey Thompson
Thank you for donating the money to cover PK Yonge's rental fee for the December 9th screening of Darius Goes West, and for your continued help with this event.

Claudia Senesac, PT
Thanks for taking such good care of Evan, and helping spread the word about DMD and upcoming events.

Office Max of Lake City, Florida
Thank you Denise (Manager), for donating copy services to help us with the remainder of our celebrity auction mailings. Thanks as well to Dustin, for your fast work and attention to detail on the copy machines.

Kona Skatepark
Thank you Marty Ramos, (owner), for your generous donation of prizes for our Cure Duchenne benefit skateboard contest.

Skate Park Of Tampa, (SPOT)
Thanks Brian and Ryan, for your generous donation of prizes to help with the upcoming benefit contest.

Black Label Skateboards
Thank you John Lucero, (owner), for your generour donation of prizes for our Cure Duchenne benefit skateboard contest.

Gainesville Health & Fitness
Thank you for your donation.

Cuzins Cafe
Thank you for donating meals to the entertainers at the Branford High School fundraiser.

Southern Dance Academy
Thank you dear neighbors, for your donation and posting Evan's information on your business website, .

First Baptist Church of Branford
Thanks for your donations and kind support.

The Gathering Restaurant
Thank you Beverly for your help ongoing help collecting donations.

Thanks to a growing list of celebrities, for sending items and notes of encouragement to Evan for our upcoming Celebrity Auction:
Jenny McCarthy, Erin Brockavich, Angelina Jolie, J.J. Abrams, Avril Levigne, Michael Dukakis, Mark Harmon, Billiie Jean King, Davy Jones, Lawrence Fishburne, Rudy Giuliani, Tyra Banks, Jeff Bridges, Gallagher, Robin Meade, Charlie Daniels, Richard Dreyfus, Goerge Sr. & Barbara Bush, Mario Andretti, Larry Czonka, Bart Conner, David Copperfield, Chris Evert, Frank Gifford, Michael Douglas, Jane Fonda, Patch Adams, MD, Jeff Gordon, Cory Feldman, Lee Iacocca, Jeb Bush, Terry Bradshaw, Jim Belushi, Peter Gabriel, Rosey Grier, Roseanne Cash,Harlem Globetrotters, Kathy Ireland, Carol Burnett, Mickey Dolenz, Bruce Hornsby, Kim Kardashian, Miley and Billy Ray Cyrus, Rusty Wallace, Richard Petty, REM, Arnold Palmer, Bam Margera, Ronnie Milsap, Joe Penney, Rob Reiner, Senator Bill Nelson, John Voight, Maria Sharapova, Terry Hatcher, Monica Seles, John Mellencamp , Amy Grant, Russell Crowe, Janeanne Garofalo, Josie Bissett, David Boreanaz, Cynthia and Brittany Daniel, Neve Campbell, Jacqueline Smith, Denzel Washington, John Madden, Barbara Walters, Connie Francis, Jill Hennessy, Tony Hawk, Kevin Nealon, and thankyou very much Rene Russo, for your kind words and donation.

The Priest Theatre, High Springs
Thanks Janice, for donating your movie theater for our Darius Goes West screening on Dec 8th.

Thank you donators!
Janet Oakes
Shelley Zantop & Bill Cargile
Debra Hatch
Benjamin Arnold
Norri Steele
Shay Guynn
Anita Hannah & Trace Touchton
Carol Canciglia
The Maddux family
The Disken family
Aliesha & Cory Thompson
Julya Sims
Dana Bass
Adrienne & Carlos Rivera
Brittany and Zac Cole
Leon Candice & Hunter Land
Jr. and Bonnie
Frank & Kay Winders
Leighann & Mason Davis
Stephen Smith
Beverly Saviello
Ildiko D. Matchus
Dr Stephen E. Landay and Barbara Landay
Kathryn and Christopher Mladinich
Gail Knight
Dexter and Janice Miller
Karen Chamusco
Heather McInnis
Jackie & Karen
Len & Denise Sanger
Darryl Cannon
Grace & Robert Josephine
Robert Malone
Tim Dutcher
Arlene & Dave
Betsy Pepine
Debi & Ted Teimer
Denise and Jim Kaplan
Melissa M.
Diana and Charlie Smith
Cynthia Gill & Wilson Jones
Matt Davies
Brenda Parnell
Paul Driggers
Ashley Jones
Ronda Johnson
Chad Hamlin
The Knapp Family
Branford Elementary Students & Parents
Nico's Mom
Larry Mixon
Daryl & Elaine Kellum
Jennifer Adams
Anonymous friends of Ms. Amma, who donated $1000.00
Len Karpey
Brian Adams
Jennifer Adams
Gail P. Schatz
Linda Cirulli-Burton
Amma L. Koon
Joyce Lease
Jesse Moore
Tri County Locksmiths
Capital City Bank, Branford
Deb and Don Sievers
Gary and Christine Noland
Justin and Lezley Mastry
Rick and Lelia Ginder
Jeff Meredith and Zackary Kai Farnum
Mike Cartwright
Gregory Boyington
Hayley N. Thomas
Shauntrelle Jackson and family
Chuck Walker
Sabine and Don
Betty Hanna
Terr, Lonnie and Hayden Bucchi
James Russell
Lesley Wiehle
The Knapp family
Arnett Eubanks
Mike and Connie Newell
Margie, Suwannee Fence co.
Mike and Bri Cianelli
Shutterbugs Photography
Jen Milne
Alred trucking, Norman and Robin Alred
Rick Johnston
Randy and Linda Huntzberry
Richard and Vivian Milam
Synquest Labs
Sue and donny Hayes
Susan Lance
Diane Lance
Lynda Hall
The Timberlake family
Cory and Aliesha Thompson
Cheyanne Thompson
Peter, Deanna and Camden
Cecelia and rudy Morris
Java Jax
Patrick, Stacy, Ciara and Austin
Lyons Site construction
John Killian
Betty Self
Josh and Heather McInnis
Jim and Denise Kaplan
Ramsi Ammari
Gary and Vivian Thompson
Randy and Glenda Hatch
Joe and Dawn Eakins
The Ramseys
Branf. Elementary Lunchroom Ladies
Bethany Byrd
Robbie Suggs and Kevin Morton
The Cassube family
Joe and Pam Daly
K Whiteside
The wingate family
Robinson, Kennon and Kendron, PA
Rebecca Layman
The McIntosh family
The Cashwell family
Randy and Angel Hill
The Campbell family
Jay Hatch, Laura dePaz, and Amber Hatch
Kim Hudson
The Downs family
Terry Brown
Chris Baucom and family
Todd and Kristy Webb
The Habermans
Mike and Roberta
Maureen Gilick Rash and family
J.R. and Bonnie Weech
Will Godfrey
Lloyd Gilick and family
Chris Conway
Tim Ebaugh and family
Binky Conklin and family
Ben Keselowsky
Kelly Key
Deb Sousa
John Kendron
Liza jean Wigg
Scott and Kim Radtke
Matt Mahlau
Paul Schmitt
Bruce Whiteside and family
John Grigley and family
Larry K. Thompson
Donna Ellis
Trina and Robert Vaughn
Peggy Maloney and Rodney Scyphers
And many we may have left out..

Lynda Procko Hall
Thanks for your countless hours of computer work to help us.

Byrd's Power Equipment
Thanks for donating the chainsaw for our event!

AVI Video Productions
Thanks for donating your services to edit Evan's You Tube video.

Apparel Art of Branford
Thank you Kate and Larry, for making/donating t-shirts for our "Chance for a Lifetime" Branford event.

The Suwannee Democrat
Thank you for your compassion Robert.

The Branford News
Thanks for helping advertise the event Ms Shirley.

WCJX 106.5 radio
Thanks Stevie D! You are an awesome auctioneer
and waiter!

The Big 98, 98.1 radio
Thank you Kickin Kevin!

WLVO Radio, Live Oak

Mix 94.3 FM
Thanks Jack!

North Florida Printing, Inc.
Thanks for your donated services.

Signs and Banners of Live Oak
Thank you for donating the sign for our storefront.

Oscar Cramer
You are a great performer. Thanks for your help!

Miss Diane Walker of Friends Fine Things
Thanks for organizing our event, entertainers, etc.
You are amazing!

Vic Patel of Time Saver Convenience Store in Branford
Thanks for the Miss Florida appearance donation.

Miss Florida, Kylie Williams
A job well done, hosting our event!

Thanks Donna Whitfield
You are the raffle ticket selling queen.

Thank you bellydancer, "Najmah"
You really shook up the event!

Element Skateboards
(The Element family) Thanks for your donation.

Alien Workshop Skateboards
Thanks for your donation

Paul Schmitt
Thanks for the signed Tony Hawk for auction,
and for manufactuing fundraising skateboard.

Skateboarders coast to coast
You think "out of the box"

Thanks for your ideas and donations.

For getting the plea for help out.

Footlong Woody's
Thank you for organizing the event.

Mt. Beulah Baptist Church
Thank you for your kind donation.

Craig Hand
Thanks for taking time out from the road to help Evan. Thank you for posting our link on your site.
You are an amazingly talented musician/performer.

Bruce Whiteside and Cleo Coney
Thanks Bruce, for Evan's graphics. Thanks Cleo, for your write-up.
You guys will always be family.

Thanks to all of the businesses we did not mention, for your kind donations.

Help Save Evan Procko

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